Our Vision

InFaith Pictures is all about Jesus. In Matthew 28:19 Jesus says, "Go therefore and make disciples of all nations..." We desire to make disciples of Jesus by telling stories about Him through documentary films.

InFaith Pictures has offices in California and Pennsylvania. But there are a lot of people who share similar passions that aren't around us. There are stories to be told throughout the country that we just can't get to. 

Connect With Us

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Our BIG Idea

We want to connect with filmmakers who love Jesus and help share their films. We're looking for people who want to make films about how Jesus is working around them in their city and in their neighborhood.

We want testimonies not biographies. There is a difference. We want to share films about Jesus, what He's doing and how He's the star of story. 

Your Turn

We desire to connect with people across the country to hear about how Jesus is moving in your city and in your neighborhood. Fill out the form below and tell us about yourself, your passions, and the stories you want to share.

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Let's get to the heart of the matter.
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Name, website, whatever is relevant.
Let's get practical.
Feel free to include links to your work.
Do you have a RED camera in your closet, a DSLR like a 5d or 6d, or just an iPhone? There's no right or wrong answer.
You're the filmmaker here, we're not here to steal your story or your idea.

Obligatory Information: Not all films submitted will be chosen by InFaith Pictures to be shared. Your film is your film, it's not ours, never will be. You retain all the rights to your film.

All material used in your film should either be properly licensed or owned by you, the filmmaker. That means no copyrighted music should be used without permission.

If your film is chosen InFaith Pictures will share it via social media and on our Journal. We will make no claims as to the authorship or creation of the film or story. We will link and give credit to you the filmmaker whenever possible.

Submit Your Film

To submit your film please upload it to Vimeo.com as password protected. Then fill out this form.