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Recent Journal Entries

Finding Hope Among the Despair
Autism and Everyday Grace

In 1993, when the sweet lady at the child development center put her arm around me and said, “We believe Andrew has autism,” it was a bleak diagnosis indeed. 

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Music for Sheep

Recently, I got the chance to sit down with Ben Crandall, a good friend and composer of the soundtrack for High Country. We talked about his music, his passion for worshipping and helping others worship Jesus, and his approach to the score for the film.

A Screening of High Country

I was nervous. I had been working on and living with this film for the past three months and now it was going to be unleashed to the public. Until now it was safe on my hard drive where no one but me could critique it. 

On the Tarmac

One and half hours and counting in the plane on the tarmac at the Montrose airport – storms in Denver have grounded us for now. What a great time just to have fun with the team!  There are no interviews to get or scenes to shoot. All that's left is laughing and talking and playing Monopoly on Neil’s iPad.

Peruvian Connections

As I was checking out of our motel in Ouray this morning, I found out that Ursula, who was working the front desk, is from Peru!  Not only is that completely fabulous because I used to live there and love meeting people from there, but she was so excited to learn that there are men from South America right here in her mountains. She wanted to know exactly where they are currently camped so she can go visit them.

Home Away from Home

We met Julio while filming High Country . He lives in this tent while working as a shepherd near Silverton, Colorado.

End of Day

Surrounded by the sounds of sheep and the incredible landscapes, how can we help but acknowledge the God of Creation and delight in His masterful creativity? 


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