As I was checking out of our motel in Ouray this morning, I found out that Ursula, who was working the front desk, is from Peru!  Not only is that completely fabulous because I used to live there and love meeting people from there, but she was so excited to learn that there are men from South America right here in her mountains. She wanted to know exactly where they are currently camped so she can go visit them.

Since I spent most of my time hanging out of the passenger side window of the rented jeep getting B-roll of Steve’s truck, and not navigating, I had no idea where they were all located. So I pulled Steve in, and he marked on a map where each of the guys is camped this week and what their names are. Ursula said she wanted to go up and meet them this weekend and maybe bring them some food.

How great is God? He not only cares enough about Renaldo, Sarmiento, Julio, and Eracleo to send them Steve, but he also is now letting Ursula know about them so she can visit them!