Recently I hosted an intimate, little screening of High Country, our newest feature film. I kept the list to some close friends, folks from church, and our community group. I was nervous. I had been working on and living with this film for the past three months and now it was going to be unleashed to the public. Until now it was safe on my hard drive where no one but me could critique it. 

Fear of man issues confessed, I prayed then pressed play. The room was illuminated by the LCD screen springing to life. There was no going back now.

Afterward, our intern, Charity, led a short discussion about the film. She asked good questions to find out what people thought, what they connected with most in the film. I was taken back and humbled as people spoke. They had clearly become invested in the story and in the lives of the shepherds. Folks opened up sharing about the things they were most struck by.

Here was a film made up predominately of subtitles and people were reading and absorbing every word. I personally don’t choose to watch many films with subtitles. I usually grow weary and would rather not have to multitask while I watch a movie. 

Nobody seemed to mind, instead they connected with Steve, marveled at his humility, love, and devotion to Jesus. My little living room was filled with mostly folks in their 20s and 30s who had instant respect for Steve and the mission he’s living on. I think every guy in the room saw the four-wheel drive GoPro footage and said, “Wow, no way I could do that.”

It was a great night and while people watched Steve and four South American shepherds they saw Jesus.

I shot some photos and this short video capturing people’s thoughts about the film. It was shot on my iPhone as I pulled people into the laundry room to muffle the sound of conversations, fellowship, and my son laughing in the other room.

I want to thank Adam, Britney, Kat, Charity, and Robert for stepping in front of my camera with very little notice.