Work with Steve

Like many people in ministry who take the time to build relationships with individuals, the Kreises find themselves wishing they could do more than time and resources allow. They would love to have others come alongside them in ministry and build relationships with some of the shepherds they have not been able to visit regularly. “There is ministry enough to bring in ten people in the surrounding areas to include Utah and Wyoming,” they tell us.

Steve has contacts in place in northwestern Colorado and is prepared to help someone get started in similar ministry there. The ideal person for the job will have Bible training, a working knowledge of Spanish, and a commitment to serving the Lord in all conditions for the glory of God and the good of the ranchers and shepherds. Familiarity with the ranching industry would be a plus, as would a 4x4 pickup truck with a camper or topper to sleep in. Steve is also planning to develop a ministry manual to guide others who would like to bring the love of Jesus to Latin American shepherds in the Southwest.

If you are interested in joining this ministry, begin the application on the InFaith website at


The Kreises serve with InFaith and rely on the financial gifts of other Christ-followers to continue their ministry.

You can make a one-time or recurring donation to support Steve and Mary Kreis' ministry as part of InFaith's field staff through the InFaith website.

Specific Ministry Needs

Steve and Mary welcome financial gifts for specific ministry needs in addition to ongoing general support. You can help them demonstrate God’s love to the people they serve by supplying tangible and practical gifts for the shepherds in Colorado:

Spanish Bibles, which the Kreises can purchase for $103 per case of twelve hardcovers – the men greatly appreciate the Bibles Steve and Mary have been able to give out so far. A shepherd’s life includes many hours of solitude, which the men who have Bibles can spend studying God’s Word in their own language.

$20 international phone cards so the shepherds can call their families – a call home is a great encouragement to these men, who miss their families greatly during their time in the United States. 

Printing supplies, which cost approximately $450 per year – Steve and Mary produce a small Spanish-language newspaper that includes the latest exchange rates, news from a shepherd’s home country, devotional Bible studies, and a page of photos of shepherds.  The newspaper is a great tool to help the shepherds stay connected with their home countries, to teach them more about God’s Word, and to encourage them as they see other men working as shepherds in Colorado.