A Little Blurb about Our Big Dream

At InFaith Pictures, we want to attest to the fact that Jesus is alive and at work today. We have some pretty incredible stories to tell about Jesus – stories that will surprise you and make your heart yearn to do something. The good news is there are lots of ways to get involved. Learn more about what you can do on each film’s page under “Films” above.

This dream is big, but making films is not the end of the story. Because InFaith Pictures has a partnership with InFaith (an established U.S. mission organization), we are also about helping Christ-followers – specifically, Christ-followers with creative talents and experience – use their gifts and skills for Kingdom purposes. InFaith Pictures is InFaith’s first response to what we believe is a call to connect creative people to ministry so they become a voice for Jesus in our nation. We want to be a place where excellence in creativity starts, grows, and thrives.


Visit our Donate page to partner with us financially, and please pray for InFaith Pictures and InFaith. Pray that we will be attuned to God’s leading and will not lose sight of Jesus’s mission. And if you want to participate in sharing stories of Jesus, check out our Call for Submissions. Help us spread His story all over the Internet by using our social media buttons to share the site on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest. We can accomplish more when we work together.